Industry 4.0

I4.0 topicsIndustry 4.0 (hereafter I4.0) is referred to as the 4-th Industrial Revolution. Revolutionary is certainly an advanced technology, progressively developed intelligent systems, communication and IoT, smart sensors and actuators, or collaborative robots working with people - Cobots.

Some key methods and procedures that are important for creating the factory in I4.0 have previously been applied in production management and automation systems. One of them is the principle of deep system integration of manufacturing IT functions, contained in current MES, ERP and sophisticated control systems. Deep system integration was applied by COMPAS Automation company in the concept of Electronic Production Management since 2008. Our solution for I4.0 is the Smart digital factory, which further develops the proven concept of Electronic Production Management on the COMES ® MES/MOM platform.

Smart manufacturing management uses AAS

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The international two-years research project RACAS of team of German partners OvGU Magdeburg and Timap Berlin and Czech partners VUT Brno and COMPAS created a demonstration of smart manufacturing based on Industrie 4.0 standards, I4.0 component model, the AAS version 1.0 and AAS in Detail specifications.

The Compas smart manufacturing video below shows demonstration of decentralized production using AAS.

I4.0 - basic models

I4.0 buttonCOMPAS automation actively cooperates with University of Technology in Brno on exploring the latest Industry 4.0 findings. The theoretical basis I4.0 describes basic RAMI and Component models.

MES-MOM production control výroby in I4.0 vision

I4.0 robot shows the wayThe project that almost exemplarily implemented the MES / MOM system (today's nomenclature) was implemented by SAPELI, the leading manufacturer of interior doors, in the construction of its new factory, together with suppliers of MES COMES and ERP supplier OR CZ already in 2008-2009.

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Control of smart robotic line with 6 CNC machines

Smart CNC production line, operations are controlled by the product specification in the I4.0 vision with the robot material transport.

Batch production management in I4.0 vision

I4.0 time greenThe project that implemented integrated production management in vision I4.0 was carried out by McBride at the Brno plant in Dermacol Cosmetics by successive innovations first in technology automation from 2008 and then in manufacturing IT until 2015.

CMMS system in I4.0 vision

I4.0 topics maintenance greenEffective planning and management of maintenance activities are important components of the prosperous business processes. With increasing technological complexity, we get much more data from machines and devices than before, so we can better predict the need for service.