Smart Manufacturing Management using 82 instances of AAS

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COMPAS created the Industrie 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Management demo using 82 instances of AAS (Asset Administration Shell) with 42 assets and 40 products. Virtual technology corresponds to the scope of a medium-sized production node. The production management also includes fleet software to control mobile robots and optimization of material transport routes at the production node.

The benefits for production management are, for example::

  • Decentralized method of production management without hierarchical production planning, the product manages its production according to its specification stored in its AAS.
  • Auto-optimization of production – production management is resistant to exceptions (equipment failures and downtime), production is constantly running on available equipment.
  • Self-adjustment of the asset/machine – the device is adjusted in real time for the next operation (eg. CNC program download) according to the operation required by the product.
  • Achieving the “plug and produce” principle when incorporating new production equipment into the production process.