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COMES ® provides comprehensive digitalisation of production

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Systém COMES

System COMES® is a MES/MOM level manufacturing information system for all industries. COMES is used for the operational management of production and its further in cooperation with the enterprise-wide IT system (ERP) and control systems technology management systems.

COMES helps optimise production and maintenance management and supports improvement programmes. It offers the creation of a timeless concept Digital factory Compas digitally controlled production. Thanks to its web-based architecture, it makes it easy to access information anywhere, anytime and via a web browser. on mobile devices.

ARCHITECTURE Manufacturing execution system COMES

Concepts COMES (configurable applications)

COMES concepts are configurable applications that solve standard tasks for planning and production control, quality, logistics and maintenance. The concepts can be installed sequentially according to company needs. Concepts are automatically linked in a puzzle-like way, offering the user cooperation extra functionality.

In a complex installation, they enable comprehensive digital factory production control in the solution:

Digital Factory for serial production manufacturing Digital factory for batch production

Modules COMES

The COMES MES/MOM system is based on modules that can also be applied separately (always with the Logon module). Control is available to the operator in one window without the need to switch modules. The standard part of all modules is the configuration section and the audit trail, an important function of fully digital production control and documentation.

MS IT base

Microsoft Windows (server) SQL, web services

Comes uses the latest Microsoft IT technology with this architecture.

Example of a digital factory solution for batch production.

Installed manufacturing execution system COMES ® Contains creation of a production plan, management of the preparation of raw materials from stock, material management using bar coding of materials, management of the weighing room with optimization of weighing according to individual materials, recipe management of COMES Batch brewhouse production with flexible definition of production regulations and production logging. The second part of production, the adjustment lines, is controlled by COMES OEE application supporting production efficiency and diverting the produced products by direct communication to the ERP.

An important part of the solution is COMES for quality management, sampling plans materials, recording and evaluation of samples including monitoring of calibration of measuring instruments. An integral part of the solution is an electronic production record with relevant reports on and support for batch release.