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The COMPAS digital factory is a solution for complex digitalization of production management, which can be imagined as a digital “nervous” system of the factory.

The production operations required for the product manufacturing are controlled by the product – the vision of Industry 4.0 (I4.0).

Users can specify of the procedures of product creation, workflow of production operations and their parameters simultaneously with the synchronized internal logistics of the relevant materials.

High availability of production resources is supported by integrated maintenance functions.

Compas solution for factory digitalization a proven modern solution for digital production management. The core of digitization is the production information system MES COMES.

Unlike conventional digitization solutions, we differ in that we have ambitions to implement factory automatic production control in the vision of Industry 4.0. One of the main principles is that the product (series, batch / batch) manages its production through its specification in the IT system. Our solution allows users (planners, technologists, production managers,…) to specify their production process, individual operations and their parameters using our MES/MOM systém COMES modules.

These features bring extraordinary flexibility even for the production of small series / batches (up to individual pieces). At the same time high and uniform production quality, increasing its productivity and minimizing production costs.

Compas Digital factory is comprehensive digitalization solution that supports the production team to achieve the best results.