MES-MOM production control výroby in Idustry 4.0 vision

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The goal of the SAPELI project, which we said today in I4.0 vision, was to provide extraordinary flexibility in the production of about 300,000 pieces of interior doors and annually based on individual customer orders. More specifically, about 280,000 pieces are produced uniquely and only the remaining 20,000 pieces are of the type. The requirement for a production control system was to provide this flexibility. A necessary condition for a flexible production system was to design, construct and deliver the corresponding technological equipment and their control systems that enabled this flexibility.

Benefits for the Sapeli

Use of MES/MOM system COMES brought:

  • Flexible and configurable management of mass doors production of piece orders.
  • The ability to add new features and modify existing production processes by SAPELI  IT staff.
  • Managing production operations in real time.
  • Cutting and streamlining the production time of orders.
  • Complete monitoring and collection of important production parameters needed to optimize it.
  • Minimizing errors in the manufacturing process and manufacturing documentation by eliminating human factor.
  • The 100% traceability of each product, including the traceability of a particular course of production.
  • Central management and supervising production control
A demonstration of Sapeli’s digital factory in the Industry 4.0 vision.

You can find a detailed description of the application in I4.0 vision here (Czech).