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Logo CosmondeThe aim of the McBride project, which we said today in I4.0 vision, was to ensure flexible, productive and efficient cosmetics production while ensuring high quality products, including electronic batch recordings.

Benefits for McBride

Use of the Electronic batch production and quality management brought:

  • Cutting and streamlining the production time of orders.
  • Flexible and configurable batch production control.
  • Flexible batch control over cooking process technology.
  • Communication with the ERP system and ordering raw materials from the warehouse according to the product recipe.
  • Managing the weighing of raw materials for production batches in order of raw materials.
  • Quality control using the COMES LAB laboratory software.
  • Product filling and packaging according to production orders.
  • Complete monitoring of production and collection of important production parameters needed to optimize it.
  • Minimizing mistakes in the manufacturing process and manufacturing documentation by eliminating human factor.
  • The 100% traceability of each product, including the traceability of a particular course of production.
  • Central management and supervising production control.
  • The Electronic Batch Record of the production (EBR).

You can find a detailed description of the application in I4.0 vision here.