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The international two-years research project RACAS of team of German partners OvGU Magdeburg and Timap Berlin and Czech partners VUT Brno and COMPAS created a demonstration of smart manufacturing based on Industrie 4.0 standards, I4.0 component model, the AAS version 1.0 and AAS in Detail specifications.

The Compas smart manufacturing video below shows demonstration of decentralized production using AAS.

Decentral and smart manufacturing management uses communication between dozens of AAS that are created for all assets. AAS have production machines, warehouse racks, mobile robots and also AAS instances of all products.

COMBED includes both its own SW for decentralized production management – AAS network, OPC UA communication system, production animation in the form of virtual technology and Compas MES / MOM COMES system.

Our MES/MOM system COMES in smart production is not used to control production and its logistics as usual. COMES is used for product specifications (it´s manufacturing operations), setting asset parameters, creating production orders by the user and for evaluation of the smart production management through standard KPI´s such as OEE, downtime statistics, non-conforming products, etc.

Benefits for production management include:

  1. Decentralized production control without hierarchical planning, the product manages its production according to its specifications stored in its AAS (I4.0 principle)
  2. Use of OPC UA represents the industry communication standard adopted by industry manufacturers
  3. Auto-optimization of production management that is resistant to exceptions (e.g. equipment breakdowns and downtimes), production continue running on available equipment
  4. Self-adjustment – the equipment is adjusted in real time for the next operation (eg. loading a new machine program – CNC,3D printing, …) acc. to the operation required by the product
  5. The Plug and Produce principle for connecting a new production or transport equipment
  6. Compliance with the emerging industry standard Industrie 4.0 will allow compatibility with newly manufactured equipment (machines, lines, robots)

Compas Smart Manufacturing Management is ready for deployment and those interested in pilot projects can contact us.

For specific deployment, it is possible to verify the project on the virtual testbed – COMBED. Its virtual technology can be adapted to existing plant equipment or can be designed digitally for new technologies and virtually validated before being deployed in real production.

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