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We are pleased to introduce Compas Smart manufacturing management in Industrie 4.0 standards. This is a completely new approach to production management, incorporating I4.0 principles, such as:

  • Using smart components of production with its digital twins AAS (Asset administration Shell v.1.0 – standard Industrie 4.0)
  • Decentrally managed manufcturing is robust and resistant to various kinds of failures – differently from classical hierarchical approach
  • We achieve I4.0 principles: the product manages its production itself, auto-optimization of manuf.process and auto-setup of assets in real-time
  • Plug and Produce and other benefits

The solution is prepared for pilot applications including the option of production process simulation (focused on Discrete Manufacturing in branches such as automotive, engineering, plastics, rubber etc.).

Compas will be happy to show and explain our intelligent production to you on our virtual testbed – COMBED. Contact us!

You can find more information including the video example here.