We invite you to 64. International Engineering Fair in Brno

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The companies Compas automatizace, spol. s.r.o. and Compas robotika, s.r.o. will participate in the 64th International Engineering Fair in Brno from October 10-13, 2023. We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition in Pavilion F at stand No. 92.


We present:

  • DIGITAL FACTORY WITH ROBOTS – demonstration of the implementation of investment units and production lines, fully automated with a digital superstructure (MES)
  • Fully digitized planning, management, and monitoring of discrete and batch productions
  • IMPLEMENTED ROBOTIC WORKPLACES – examples of the construction of machines, lines and the implementation of robots/cobots
  • Presentation of successful unique implementations (multi-robotic workplaces, camera vision, …)
  • Demonstrations and discussion of the project for the development of adaptive packaging technologies (folding boxes, shell packaging, palletizing)
  • APS – electronic scheduling/planning of production, optimization of the sequence of production operations
  • HRM – human resources management in production (qualifications, training, …)
  • o MOM – flexible management of production and assembly operations in real time according to Industry 4.0 visions
  • QMS – production quality control, including samples of laboratory checks of materials and products
  • WMS – complete management of production logistics, material flows in production, production traceability
  • OEE – monitoring, management and evaluation of production efficiency
  • CMMS – a system for managing and planning maintenance in the company
  • Integrated DMS (central management of digitized documentation)
  • Freely configurable Escalation system for selected events, malfunctions, abnormalities, …

New – iba-System for industry and energy with more than 25,000 implementations:

  • CONDITION MONITORING – examples of significant successful realizations from practice
  • Optimization of technological processes with unique functionality:
  • Easy and quick root cause analysis of poor production quality, downtime and breakdown reasons of production equipment
  • Synchronous recording of process signals and camera data, automatic signal analysis and reporting, image analysis
  • Collection of data from various signal sources, the most used PLCs, drives and field bus systems
  • Automated documentation of product quality and quality of electricity supplied to the factory
  • Consultation, training and the possibility of providing free demo licenses for selected functions – up to 90 days

Use the option of booking your visit via the booking form. Contact for questions and booking meetings with Compass project managers: Romana Prokopová, email: romana.prokopova@compas.cz , phone +420 567 567 232