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COMPAS solutions for automation of the testing equipment respect the diverse demands of individual applications and requirements of the clients.

We deliver automation of laboratories for product developmenttest stands in serial production as well as laboratories for testing and maintenance of products and equipment. In addition to systems for measuring qualitative parameters, automation of laboratories also includes tools for the preparation of test procedures (programs) as well as functions for recording and tests evaluation.

COMPAS automation supports both printed or hybrid form of the documentation of testing processes as well as fully electronic form of the documentation in compliance with the requirements for protection of records and electronic signatures.

COMPAS solutions provide communication or integration with production IT systems, such as MES, WMS, LIMS and ERP.

Some of the projects we have implemented are: automation of development testing stands of the Vaillant gas boilers, including the highly precise and calibrated instrumentation for measuring process quantities. Other test stands are used for testing boilers in serial production lines. Another example is the automation of instrumentation laboratory, e.g. verification of flowmeters for the National Testing Institute (SZU). We have applied our long-term experience in hydraulic equipment in the development and deliveries of test stands for hydraulic pumps that we deliver to Bosch Rexroth for their subsidiaries all over the world as well as to other prominent companies that use hydraulic equipment for checking the functionality and parameters and for executing maintenance.

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