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In addition to our traditional specializations in the industrial branches where we have been active for a long time, we have also had the opportunity to deliver automation solutions for manufactures of glass, packaging production, production of tobacco products, boiler plants etc.

Manufacture of Glass

We have implemented complete automation of glass manufactures, starting with the batch house, through the glass-melting furnace, processing machines, cooling ovens and final adjustment with product quality control.

Tobacco Industry

Automation of production lines for material preparation shop, buffer stock for tobacco mixtures, filter production, transport of tobacco mixtures to processing machines, conveyor systems with automatic product box labelling control, palletizing control.

Packaging Production

Control over the technological process of paper pulping and automation of large production lines for paper packaging with many drives.

Automation of the Boiler plants and Industrial Waste Water Treatment

We have delivered many process control systems for boiler plants, air-conditioning of the large buildings, production and distribution of media or biological and chemical industrial waste water treatment plants.
Some applications, such as the control of production buildings for the Philips Picture Tubes Technology Center (PTTC Hranice) plant with about 200 air-conditioning units, 20 process controllers Simatic S7 400 and 10 000 I/O were one of the large control systems.


We have implemented automation projects in other industries as well, such as manufacture of interior doors, automation of the production of building material or building equipment – control over automatic parking house technology.

If you plan to automate your technology and decide to approach COMPAS, we do our best to design an optimal solution for you ☺.

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