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COMPAS automation solutions meet the demands of the regulated food and beverage industries. In process control we support batch production (production management, recipe and batch systems), quality assurance and we apply quality engineering procedures and preparation of project documentation.

The delivered automation systems support the requirements of the operation for process control, change logs (e.g. operator’s interventions during production), production quality control and preparation of records on production (batch records) and other production documentation.

We have experience with automation in many food and beverage technologies in various product segments, with processes of storing raw materials, weighing, dosing, mixing, processing, pasteurizing, separating with centrifuges, drying, filling including labelling, packaging and palletizing. Our deliveries also include control systems for cleaning the technology and control over CIP systems.

We implement projects in compliance with the principles of good engineering practice.

COMPAS automatizace supports both printed or hybrid forms of production documentation as well as electronic production documentation in compliance with the requirements for protection of records and electronic signatures.

COMPAS solutions provide communication or integration with production IT systems, such as MES, WMS, LIMS and ERP.

Long-term support and service are provided according to the Client’s requirements; we can also offer services for maintaining and updating documentation of electrical equipment and installation or maintenance support.

Some of the projects we have implemented are: automation of raw materials (silo and tank control), complete raw material management (weighing, mixing, dosing, …), automation of air-operated delivery of loose material or pipeline delivery of liquid material to production lines, automation of confectionary production lines, control of the entire plants – oil refinery, sugar refinery, production of spices atc. as well as control of dosing, filling and packing equipment, including palletizing manipulators. In the production of beverages, it is brewery technology control (CKT, filtering, pressing tanks, bottle-filling lines) or production of non-alcoholic beverages (juice, water).

The automation of food and beverages plants also includes measuring and regulation systems for auxiliary operations, such as boilers, cooling equipment and distribution of cold media, air-conditioning control (HVAC), preasure air distribution etc.

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