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COMPAS implements a wide spectrum of projects from large-scale, fully-automated productions to productions of specialties with a few batches and a high share of manual work. Our solutions support continuous processes as well as batch production (recipe and batch systems), special design for environments with the risk of explosion, quality engineering procedures and project procedures, including preparation of documentation according to GMP.

The delivered control systems support the requirements of users for control, recording and optimization of processes, production quality control and preparation of production records (EBR) and batch documentation.

We have experience with many chemical processes, such as dosing, mixing, synthesis, distillation, absorption, crystallization, centrifuging to the final processes of storing, filling and packaging products or large-scale dispatch.

We implement projects on the basis of good engineering practice; in GMP production, we implement engineering according to GAMP and we also provide validation documentation, usually in the form of IQ, OQ qualification.

COMPAS automatizace supports both printed or hybrid form of the production documentation as well as fully electronic production documentation in compliance with the requirements for protection of records and electronic signatures according to FDA and 21CFR Part 11.

COMPAS solutions provide communication or integration with production IT systems, such as MES, WMS, LIMS and ERP.

We implement projects in the broadest range of sizes, from small-technology measuring and regulation systems through partially-automated equipment to large-scale automation, e.g. for biotechnology in thousands of I/O. Some examples of projects we have implemented are: a distillery or special chemistry in continual technologies; fermentation lines for the production of API or enzymes with scope of 5000 I/O, 2000 production steps (phases) in batch-oriented production, with engineering compliancy with the GAMP principles and automation validation according to SVP.

The automation of chemical plants also includes measuring and regulation systems for auxiliary operations, such as boiler rooms, cooling equipment and distributions of cold media, air-conditioning control (HVAC), pressure air supply etc.

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