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COMPAS automatizace meets the high demands on quality of the solutions to projects of automobile manufacturers as well as suppliers of automotive parts. We support series production (flexible recipe systems), high level of reliability and productivity, JIT and JIS systems, quality of engineering procedures and preparation of project documentation.

The delivered control systems support the requirements of operation for automation, change control (e.g. operator’s interventions during production), production quality control and records on the production series and other production documentation.

We have experience in automation of many automotive production segments, automation of special equipment for products development, automation of material storage technology, component production control and automobile assembly control. We automate the processes of injection moulding, extrusion, forming and pressing, dividing (including flying), assembly equipment and lines, packaging and palletizing. Our deliveries also include systems for measuring qualitative product parameters with related records and its evaluation.

COMPAS automation supports both printed or hybrid production documentation and fully electronic form of production documentation in compliance with the requirements for protection of records and electronic signatures.

COMPAS solutions provide communication or integration with production IT systems, such as JIT, JIS, MES, WMS, LIMS and ERP.

The long-term support and service is provided according to the Client’s requirements; we also provide services for maintaining and updating documentation of electrical equipment or support for maintenance.

Some of the projects we have implemented are: automation of plastic production with injection moulding machines, automation of hydraulic and mechanical presses for automobile components, an individual part of controls of the Škoda welding shop, controls of the Irisbus paint shop of Karosa, a bus manufacturer, controls of assembly lines and product warehouses.
We have a great know-how in the field of extrusion lines for the production of cables and controls of the Continental production lines for the production of tyre treads and related automation of conveyor systems.

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