Recipe Based Control over Food Production

Comprehensive recipe management of Jacobs coffee production technology, detailed production planning and control, automatic production traceability and KPI evaluation.

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Jacobs Coffee Production and Technology Control

We implemented automation systems of the Jacobs coffee production in several stages. First of all, we modernized the obsolete control systems installed in the technological equipment and we gradually built the process control system Simatic PCS7 in the scope of about 3000 I/O (CCS – Central Control System) within production intensification and deliveries of new technologies. We also installed the Simatic Batch system for control over production batches. The Client regularly upgrades the process control system with COMPAS support to the latest version developed by SIEMENS.

The first installation of complete CCS included the deployment of the COMES Traceability System for automatic creation of the coffee batch genealogy and for complete solution of backward and forward traceability (batch tracking and tracing). Subsequently we added detailed production scheduling into the system – COMES APS and final production monitoring and KPI evaluation – COMES OEE.

The automation of standard coffee and cappuccino production concerned the following technologies:

  • Income and storage of green coffee beans
  • Income and storage of sugar
  • Preparation of mixtures
  • Roasting
  • Mixing after roasting
  • Silos for roasted coffee
  • Silos for ground coffee and preparation for packaging
  • Coffee mixture (cappuccino) technology
  • PODS technology

The COMES ® production IT system (MES) was installed with the functions:

  • Detailed production scheduling (capacity planning)
  • Administration of recipes and materials
  • Automated production monitoring system and traceability
  • Inventory of all material movements
  • Overview of the current material statuses in the production in real time
  • Generation of production reports

Automation Project

  • Planning and recipe based control of the production and all technologies

Engineering and delivery

  • Analysis of the control and production IT functions
  • Designing automation
  • Control programs
  • Installation
  • Hardware delivery
  • Commissioning
  • Continuous support (updates of the electrical documentation, application modifications, system upgrades, spare parts deliveries, service and training)

System resources

  • Simatic PCS7 – redundant
  • Simatic Batch – redundant
  • COMES Traceability
  • COMES Modeller