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Tablet Production Control

The goal of the project was to modernize an obsolete control system of the Glatt Coater machine.

Tablet coating is a variable production process that consists of a series of production steps. During the production, the parameters of quality are measured, on the basis of which decisions on the following production procedure are made. This may lead to a change in the regular procedure. The requirements also included automated preparation of production documentation including all important production steps, their parameters and reached values.

COMPAS met the requirements by delivering the Simatic S7 control system with HMI WinCC and software for the control of documentation of the production process. The application also includes the administration of production recipes using the COMES Batch system, with an option of a preparation and configuration of the sequence of production steps, tablet core spraying 1-3, drying, blowing and emptying the machine. The solution includes an electronic batch record (EBR) and production reports BP. The project was implemented according to GMP rules.

Automation Project

  • Modernization of the control system for the Glatt Coater machine; several projects for different clients

Engineering and delivery

  • Analysis of the production process steps
  • Control programs
  • Hardware delivery
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Qualification tests

COntrol System

  • Simatic S7-300
  • Vizualizace WinCC
  • COMES Batch
  • COMES Modeller
  • COMES Logon