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Development of the Simotion drive control system for IS Machine for bottle production with the complex recipe system COMES for the movements parametrization.

We were the first one in the world to apply the universal SIEMENS drive control system for advanced control of a glass bottle making machine. The task required a fast and synchronous control of many mechanisms. We developed a superior recipe system COMES ® to accelerate the modification of the control for the particular machine. This system allows a highly flexible transition from one type of product to another by selecting the predefined recipe containing hundreds of parameters of the machine. The recipe system allows to add a new recipe, edit the parameters of the current recipe and create a library of all product recipes. The solution also includes remote administration of the entire system via VPN, which allows prompt support, even for international customers who are far away.

The interesting thing about the solution is the fast control loops with a period of 10ms and isochronic Profibus for synchronous control of a large number of mechanisms.

MES Project

  • Recipe system for drive control of movements of IS machine for glass bottle making

Engineering and delivery

  • Analysis and specification of the IS machine drive control concept
  • Designing the control system
  • Control programs
  • Hardware delivery
  • Commissioning

Control System

  • Simotion S120
  • Visualization and operation HMI WinCC
  • COMES server with modules
  • MS SQL server