Digitalization of cosmetics production management

Cosmetics production and quality management system with integrated technology control systems.

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Digitalisation of MES production control with COMES

Read more about batch production control and production functions in the article Digital Cosmetics Factory, which describes production functions in more detail.

Control over technological processes with production and quality control integration

We implemented this project in several stages. First, COMPAS automatizace delivered the batch process control system of the cooking house within the construction of technology. Then, we implemented the automation of the material weighing room for the production and communication to the ERP Helios system. After that, we added the production control of filing and packaging lines. The entire production system uses bar codes for labeling of materials, equipment and operations. The Electronic Production Control Project was completed with the creation of an integrated production and production quality control system based on the integration of all IT and control systems. The implemented solution is one of the most complex and user-friendly systems with a full vertical integration of ERP Helios – MES COMES – control systems by SIEMENS Simatic, series S7 400, and weighing processors of the Siwarex series. The HMI WinCC was used for the operation and visualization.

The installed COMES ® production information system allows the preparation of the production plan, control of materials preparation from the stock, material management with the application of barcode material labelling, control over the weighing room with optimization of weighing according to the individual materials, COMES Batch recipe system of the cooking house with grafical editor of production procedures and production reporting. The second part of the production, filling and packaging lines, is controlled by the COMES OEE application supporting production efficiency and delivering data of the finished products into ERP Helios via direct communication.
The COMES application for controlling quality, material sampling plans, recording and evaluating samples and material release including gauge calibration register represents the important part of the solution. The COMES application also includes electronic batch records with corresponding Batch reports and supports the batch release.

More detailed information you can find in the article Electronically Controlled Production of Cosmetic here.

Automation Project

  • Electronically Controlled Production


  • Analysis and functional specification
  • Design of the control and MES systems
  • Control software development
  • HW delivery
  • Commissioning

Control System and MES Architecture

  • PLC Simatic S7-400
  • HMI Siemens WinCC, Operator stations PC
  • COMES server with modules:
  • COMES Logon
  • COMES Historian
  • COMES Modeller
  • COMES Batch