Control systems of the Sugar Refinery and Power Generation

The Simatic PCS7 process control system in a redundant version with AS400 HF controllers controls the continuous production processes of the sugar factory.

Compas > Control systems of the Sugar Refinery and Power Generation

COMPAS automation delivered the process control system for all technologies of the sugar refinery in several stages: receipt of sugar beet, diffusion, evaporation tanks, cooking tanks, utilities, limekiln and power supply. The automation system that the Client selected is DCS – SIEMENS Simatic PCS7 in the scope of about 5000 I/O. An interesting feature of this project is the installation of AS400 HF redundant controllers for controlling the boiler room and the power plant, including the Fail Safe system for burner control.
We provide non-stop service in the 24/7 regime to the Client during the campaign.

We installed COMES Historian for collecting and archiving technological values. Production reports and statistics are processed in COMES Modeller. COMES OEE is used for the control and evaluation of the efficiency of packing processes.

Automation Project

  • Process control system for the entire sugar refinery

Engineering and Deliveries

  • Analysis of the production process and specification of the automated functions
  • Design of the control system and process instrumentation
  • Control software development
  • Control system delivery
  • Process instrumentation delivery
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning

Control System Architecture

  • Simatic PCS7
  • HMI WinCC client – server
  • Operator stations
  • AS 400 redundant and failsafe controllers (Simatic S7 416HF)
  • COMES Historian
  • COMES Modeller