Automation of cable production

Automation of insulation lines for the production of electrical cables

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Compas automation implements the modernization of electrical equipment for insulation lines for the production of wires and cables.

This project includes:

  • Complete electrical installation of all line equipment (uncoilers, extracts, extruders, insulation material dispensers, heating zones, accumulators, winches, cooling sections, control and diagnostic equipment)
  • Installation of automation system for control of all mechanisms
  • Installation of HMI means for the line operation
  • Recipe system for automatic setting of production parameters for a given production order limiting setting mistakes by the operator
  • Integration of the automation with the supplied MES system for production management (production and maintenance planning and management)

By modernization project the customer acquires equipment that is fully able to meet the demanding requirements of production. The line control continuously checks the basic parameters of the product, such as diameter, insulation surface quality, insulation properties. The MES / MOM system COMES for production management is also supplied by Compas and offers all the comfort to support production management on the lines and a consistent connection with the company’s ERP information system.

All data is recorded in the electronic production protocol of the product and is available for further processing. The agenda associated with production on isolation lines is in digital form and with a connection to the corporate ERP system. This closes the entire chain of automatic order processing, which includes:

  • Production order management
  • Detailed scheduling of production to lines
  • Creation of a technological recipe by the technologist
  • Dispatch of the order on the production line and control over the production
  • Generation of production protocols
  • Labelling of the manufactured product for further processing.

Manufacturers in the cable industry have to respond to customers high demands and high quality products. This, of course, places demands on the corresponding production equipment, which, in addition to the production technology itself, must also include control and diagnostic equipment. Equally important is the integration of additional production management tools to ensure optimal production planning, parameterization, monitoring and recording of the production process.

Control system

As control systems we use Siemens Simatic S7 and HMI with OP panels or WinCC, or Beckhoff control systems.

Engineering and delivery

  • Analysis
  • Electrical design with drive control
  • Control software development
  • HW delivery
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning