Copper strip rolling mill med povrly

Production management of copper strips and other articles of copper and brass

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Plant production focus

The company Copper Povrly a.s. is a traditional supplier of rolled and pressed copper and brass products.

  • Products for other processing industry (semi-finished products for further machining): stripes, sheets, belts
  • Products for the construction industry: strips and sheets for roof applications
  • Products for the armaments industry: cups, roundels


Compas supplies complete MES functionality for production control and monitoring for individual production sections

Receipt of materialBatch room

  • Melting furnaces
  • Slab casting
  • Hot rolling
  • Cold rolling
  • Heat treatment and pickling
  • Dividing and finishing lines
  • Expedition
  • Goblet

Selection from mes functions (complete customer solution

  • Receipt of materiál
  • Casting plans
  • Batch composition
  • Operator terminals for data input
  • Material balances
  • Waste records
  • Shipping function
  • Collection and archiving of production and laboratory data
  • Inventory of tools at brass cup technology
  • ERP integration