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Production control and evaluation

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COMES System Controls and Evaluates Production of SAPELI Interior Doors

The project covered the implementation of manufacturing execution system COMES for a management and evaluation of the SAPELI interior doors production. The system covers 3 mutually interconnected production sections including a buffer warehouse. COMES system ensured the functions of a direct control of production operations (manual, automatic) of production lines, control of finishing operations and repairs. COMES collected production data and evaluated of production in a shift related manner, various statistics and other MES functions.

Under the leadership of the innovative SAPELI team, as a client, COMPAS automatizace has implemented the manufacturing execution system COMES in cooperation with OR-CZ L.t.d – the supplier of ERP system. The project has resulted in a creation of a comprehensive communication interface dealing with the customers, configuration of orders as well as the data transfer and a direct control over the machines within the production lines manufacturing products demanded by the customers. Appreciated were an extraordinary innovativeness and flexibility of the IT production system involving the production of half a billion CZK in volume while producing over 500 thousand pieces of doors and door frames in 400 thousand variants!

Innovativeness and efficiency of the entire project were the factors for the jury of seventh annual IT project-of-the-year contest to grant this project this prestigious award, which was handed over to the author of this article at a gala ceremony on February 25, 2010 at prestigious premises of CNB by the chairman of the evaluation committee Mr. Prof. Zdenek Molnar. The project of production management of SAPELI, a leading manufacturer of interior doors, was awarded a prestigious award of IT application of the year 2009, organized by Cacio, under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

Most important benefits of SAPELI project are:

  • Substantial reduction in time of processing the order from the beginning to the expedition – more than two-fold reduction
  • Minimization of errors in the production documentation and the production process by eliminating the human factor
  • A full direct identification of each product, including its traceability through production
  • Ensuring a uniform method of packaging (packaging regulations) of each product
  • Optimization of utilization of production lines
  • Having the products passing through several production lines which follow each other
  • Central administration of production and technological data

All requirements of the client were met. The automation of creation of the production preparation documents brought about much greater time and financial savings than it was planned at the beginning.

Project MES

  • Manufacturing execution system of the plant and production statistics

COMES and system SW used

  • COMES Logon
  • COMES Historian
  • COMES Modeller
  • MS SQL Server