logo Continental

Production of the automobile tires

Complex automation of the extrusion lines producing treads or side walls of automobile tyres of cars or trucks.

logo Saneca

Chemical Production of Pharmaceutical Substances API

Batch control system over the API chemical technology with MES system COMES to control the production.

Logo McBride

Integrated Production System for Cosmetics

Electronically controlled production and quality of cosmetic products integrated with process automation systems.

logo Zentiva

Tablet Production Control

Control over the Glatt Coater technology.

logo AHMSA

Hot plate and strip steel mill automation

COMPAS delivery included control of the dividing sections in the hot rolling mill and control over finishing plant for steel plates.

logo Jindal steel

Hot Rolling Strip Mill for Stainless Steel

Control of the technology of the hot rolling mill for stainless steel strips and separating sections.

logo Huhtamaki

Paper-processing Machine Control

Modernization of the control systems of paper-processing machines.

logo Mondelz international

Jacobs Coffee Production and Technology Control

Complex recipe based control over technology for Jacobs coffee production, detail production scheduling, automatic tracebility system of the whole production.

logo MSC

Control systems of the Sugar Refinery and Power Generation

Process control system Simatic PCS7 with redundant and fail safe controllers AS400 HF controls the continuous technology of the sugar plant.

logo Sapeli

Production Control of Interior Doors

Manufacturing control system for automation of wood processing production - Czech IT project of the year 2009!