Automation of Production Lines with Drives

Complete automation of tread and sidewall extrusion lines for passenger and truck tires.

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Automation of Extrusion lines

The extrusion line is used for the production of treads or side walls of automobile tyres. The technological process starts in extruders where the strips e.g. for tyre treads are extruded from rubber semi-products. This is a continuous process; the extruded tread is continuously weighed and measured for automatic corrections of the extrusion process and it is moved by conveyors to the cooling sections. After cooling, the tread is coiled on the coiler and then uncoiled to the process of cutting to the required lengths. The cut treads are stored in transport boxes for further tyre processing.

COMPAS delivered complete automation with SIEMENS technology, electronic equipment for the lines (1MW input per line!) and control systems for the extrusion lines for the production of treads and side strips for tyres for cars and trucks according to the Continental standards.

Ovládání a vizualizualizace HMI WinCC instalované na průmyslových počítačích IPC.

HMI WinCC for operation and visualization is installed in industrial computers (IPC) that control the technology.

The following equipment is controlled:

  • Extruders
  • Conveyors
  • Cooling sections
  • Coilers
  • Flying and static saws for rubber strips dividing
  • material placing
  • synchronisation of the whole technology

V projektu jsme použili automatizační prostředky firmy SIEMENS, řídicí systém Simatic S7 v rozsahu cca. 700 I/O, 70 řízených pohonů s komunikací Profinet. Speciální úlohou projektu bylo řízení letmé nebo stacionární pily pro dělení materiálu gumového běhounu.

For the project, we used SIEMENS automation components, Simatic S7 control system in the scope of about 700 I/O, 70 controlled drives with Profinet communication. There was a special project task: control of the flying or stationary saw for dividing the material.

Communication with corporate IT and process optimization:

  • SFI – Corporate System for Integration for production monitoring and traceability
  • COMES Historian for technological values collection and analysis for process optimization

Automation Project

  • Complete extrusion line automation


  • Analysis
  • Electrical design
  • Control software development
  • HW delivery
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning

Control System

  • Simatic S7
  • HMI WinCC, IPC visualization
  • Local operation by comfort panels TP, KP
  • Siwarex weighing modules
  • Material width measurement E+L (CCD camera)
  • SIEMENS frequency converters
    • Sinamics G120
    • Sinamics S150
  • Ethernet and Profinet communication