JDE Project Leader wrote about the project Simatic PCS7 Process Control System upgrade to v.9.0:

I would like to thank COMPAS for the demanding event that we have managed thanks to the readiness and high professional level of COMPAS employees, with an excellent result and an agreed timeframe for shutdown!


Sapeli developed using MES/MOM system COMES the smart digital factory to produce interior doors in milions of variants effectively - an example of smart factories in Industry 4.0. vision -  Read more (Czech).

For Continental AG Compas automation developed the COMES application software for production monitoring of extrusion lines producing tire tread and side walls. COMES helps technologists to optimize quality and effectiveness of those complex lines. The project was selected as one od the most inovative Continental projects. Read more (Czech).

Project manager of the leading Czech company appreciated our work on the Process automation project and he wrote us on June 4th, 2015:

Dear Mr. Braun,

I would like to officially thank you for a fully professional and smooth running of the whole project "The control system for the spinning line". Truth be told, rarely it happen to us, the realization of contract by the contractor follows precisely coordinated and implemented, just as it was in the case of this contract. I wish to express my gratitude to your implementation team, with whom I had the realization opportunity to communicate directly personally. Your team is certainly not only a highly skilled professional workers, while also nice people. We very much appreciate if you manage to create a relationship with a supplier that is based on trust and personal responsibility of stakeholders'. Mindful of the specified short term execution of the contract, we are very glad that you were able to fully meet its obligations, and that we have found in your company a reliable partner for possible implementation of our other ideas.

Thank you.

Hello Mr. Braun,
Many thanks to COMPAS team for intensive and selfless cooperation when deploying a new version of the control system, and for the support that your engineers dedicated to solving the compatibility of all systems in the upgrade project.
Control systems through this deployment ran according to the agreed time plan. Operators are trained operatively for the changes and I informed them about the need to check more some part of the technology.

Best Regards Z. Jašek, project-automation engineer, Mondeléz

We gifted the special "Cosmic" tool to charity organization "Cesta životem bez bariér" for rehabilitation of disabled children.

Dar na Kosmický obleček (Acknowledgement from the donee in Czech).

We publish the recognition of the quality of the COMPAS specialists work in currently completed modernization project with the control system SIEMENS Simatic in the food industry, which makes us very happy.