Many companies have installed modern technology equipped with a high level of automation, more or less effective IT systems and have optimized their logistical and control processes. Is there anything else that could help companies improve their production efficiency?

The analyses and studies of production processes of specific companies show that there is. Many companies can further improve the operative control of production by linking the individual control levels effectively, whether this concerns organizational or installed systems. How to achieve such effects?


Digital manufacturing

Our solution of Digital manufacturing is a proved concept and modern solution for operative control of production. It supports a high and equal production quality, increase of productivity and minimum production costs. Electronically Controlled Production is a solution that supports the production team to achieve the best results

The solution by COMPAS automation provides the production team with the required information in an electronic form in real time. Our solution is based on the integration of corporate systems ERP – MES – automation. The COMPAS solution saves administrative activities both to production operators and managers who can use the information from the production, such as technology status, production quality, information about materials in progress or performance indicators and line capacity utilization (OEE). The greatest benefits are the minimization of production costs, boost of efficiency and improved quality of production.