Konstrukce mechaniky v CAD NX

COMPAS Automation is a system integrator of robots into various manufacturing technologies. We offer a comprehensive solution in the field of mechanics and robotics together with the construction of single-purpose machines and equipment according to customer requirements. Services also include analysis and modification of existing machines and lines, robot implementation and related adjustments to technological equipment.

We supply, for example, solutions with robots Staubli, KUKA, Fanuc, etc. as well as applications with collaborative robots.

The construction and deliveries of machines, lines and robotic workplaces are handled by Compas robotika, s.r.o.

Consultancy and work out of studies

We will propose an optimal solution to suit your needs. Our solutions include state-of-the-art technology design trends including partial solution in Industry 4.0 vision.

Design of mechanical equipment

The project respects the customer's requirements according to the analysis of the technological process or machinery. We will nominate our development team together with participants of our customer to know its needs and to achieve its satisfaction with the supplied equipment. Projects are processed in accordance with applicable EN standards.

  • The project can be developed as an initial study, a project for building permit, documentation for the selection of contractors or a implementation project and as built documentation. In case of your request, we can also process the project as partial, complementing the customer-assured project.
  • We process the project in CAD NX from the Siemens and we support quality of documentation, revisions and the change management by the Team Center. Alternatively, we can process the project in another CAD.

Mechanical modifications of machines and equipment

According to customer requirements, we assess the possibilities of upgrading existing equipment in terms of functionality, ergonomics, economy, environmental impact, and compliance with applicable safety regulations. Together we select subcontractors.

An example is the modification of a dedicated machine for an upgraded product range for furniture fittings hinges.
A single-purpose machine that assembles hinges for furniture fittings has to be adapted to a newly developed product. Design and rebuild the active parts of this machine. At the same time, a general modernization of the technology was proposed. The electrical installation has been replaced and new features have been used to meet new occupational safety requirements.

Robotic workplaces

In the field of robotics, we work with leading robot manufacturers to implement our customers' production processes with the support of state-of-the-art simulation tools - see video. This prevents possible collisions when robotized lines and devices are put into operation. Technological features will be tested to the fullest extent possible in the field of development.

An example is the replacement of a manual assembly workplace with a robot, or an application to manufacture parts for the automotive industry. Applying the robot with the modification of the technological equipment has improved the running of the line and eliminating the bottleneck. The customer was able to increase the volume of production and deliver the required amount of car parts.

Complete equipment delivery

The delivery of the equipment is ensured from design to production, assembly after commissioning.

The production of our designed equipment is being subcontracted with our proven suppliers. The process of production, acceptance, testing of the equipment and commissioning at the customer is agreed with them. Part of the delivery is also an electrical part and automation of the equipment. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service.

An example of a complete supply is the application of a carousel machine for pressing the valve pins.
From the vibrating device, the valve bodies and their conical interior travel on a rotary carousel table where pneumatic pressing of these two parts is performed, the removal of burrs, the checking of possible misalignments and the transfer to a palette of finished parts.

The complete documentation is drawn up for the project  

Documentation consits of:

  • Assembly and layout drawings  
  • Production drawings with material specification  
  • Pieces of manufactured and purchased parts
  • Operating and maintenance instructions

Projects are processed according to customer requirements in Czech, English, German or Russian. Processed documents are stored in the M-files DMS system.