Application of Electrical Drives

We offer the solutions for all tasks related to the application of electrical drives in production mechanization and automation. We provide integrated services, starting with the design and ending with the delivery and service. Our specialists have experience with the application of electrical drives both for simple and complicated tasks. You can check some of our applications under Case Studies.

Regulated Electrical Drives

We mainly focus on the regulated drive series by SIEMENS. We provide integrated services: from the design to the delivery and service of the application with the electrical drives. Our specialists also have experience with large international projects where dozens of regulated drives were applied. Some of our applications are pilot in the industry, such as in the field of fast drive control by the Simotion/Sinamics systems. We can integrate drive control with the superior PLC SIEMENS control systems.

Activities in the Field of Electrical Drives

For electrical drives related tasks, we offer optimal parametrization of drives; for more demanding tasks (positioning, speed control), we develop SW for the drive control systems by SIEMENS.

We offer the following activity for applications:

  • Elaboration of the task analysis, recommendation of a suitable drive and the method of control
  • Designing all related components of the power part of the drive
  • Designing communication between the drives and the control system
  • Elaboration of the drive project
  • Development of the application software implemented in the drives (regulative, synchronizing, algorithm…)
  • Delivery of the individual designed components, including assembly and commissioning
    • Installation and connection of the drive and all related components
    • Check and basic tune-up of the drives (motor identification, current and speed controller)
    • Parametrization and setting the control and technological values of the drive (torque limitation, ramps, temperature parameters, overload, communication…)
    • Tests of the drive from a local workplace – response of the drive to the commands, application software tests
    • Complete diagnostics and online monitoring of the behaviour of the drive, both locally and remotely
  • Service for the regulated drives by SIEMENS

 Suitable areas for the installation of regulated drives and references

  • Rotary machines (pump, ventilators, conveyors, coiling/uncoiling machines etc.)
  • On-the-fly material cutting (monitoring regulation, cut-to-length application for shears, saws, dividing machines for rolling mills)
  • Lines with force, torque and speed regulation of drives in cascades, in the Master/Slave mode (extrusion lines – cable lines, rubber lines, extruders).
  • Load-sharing regulation (work of several drives sharing one load)
  • Positioning mechanisms using the “standalone” drive (manipulators, feeding mechanisms etc.)
  • Positioning and speed synchronization of two and more drives (axes)
  • Solutions for equipment automation by the SIEMENS Simotion drive control systems, such as for the electric screw press and glass-processing machine for making bottles.