COMPAS projektovy engineering

We respect the specific requirements of the particular industry. The project documents may be prepared in accordance with your requirements or on the basis of executed analyses of automation of the technological equipment or machinery. Projects are prepared in compliance with the valid EN standards. We use CAD systems ePLAN and AutoCAD for project preparation. The finished documents are saved in the DMS system (M-files).

Automation projects are prepared as complete, including

  • Power supply part  
  • Control and information system part  
  • Instrumentation part
  • Measurement and regulation 

The project may be prepared as an initial study, project documentation for an approval by authorities, documentation for the tenders or an as-built documentation of project implementation. We can also prepare a part of the project according to your requirements to supplement the project that the Client provides.

Complete documentation for each project includes

  • Circuit diagrams  
  • Drawings for Assembly  
  • Cable lists and wiring charts  
  • Material specifications  
  • Manuals for operation and maintenance

We prepare projects in Czech, English, German or Russian, as required by the Client.