The new COMES WMS concept for warehouse management and internal logistics has passed the audit of Audi auditor's.

The new concept features exceptional customization flexibility for customers' needs and distinguishes from other WMS warehouse management systems by other major innovations such as the integration of production and logistics operations management (together with COMES MOM), which makes it possible to synchronize production and logistics.
Other features include built-in functionality of full Traceability and spare parts storage as for CMMS (COMES Maintenance). COMES users now have the latest state-of-the-art operational control solution - Digital factory, in range from detailed production scheduling (COMES APS) and management (COMES OEE), logistics and computerised maintenance management.

COMES WMS was created for customers of two main types of production, both for discrete production using solid materials (automotive, engineering, etc.) as well as for batch production processes with bulk and liquid materials and its statuses (food and beverages, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, healthcare products, etc.).