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We wish you and your loved ones a pleasant Christmas holiday and a good health in the new year 2022 as well as lots of happiness and personal and professional success.Thank you for your trust and cooperation in the last year.

New references to specification of Digital Twin from the Industry 4.0 Platform.

You can read it on Compas web in section Industry 4.0 Theoretical Basis:


We are pleased to introduce Compas Smart manufacturing management in Industrie 4.0 standards. This is a completely new approach to production management, incorporating I4.0 principles, such as:

  • Using smart components of production with its digital twins AAS (Asset administration Shell v.1.0 - standard Industrie 4.0)
  • Decentrally managed manufcturing is robust and resistant to various kinds of failures - differently from classical hierarchical approach
  • We achieve I4.0 principles: the product manages its production itself, auto-optimization of manuf.process and auto-setup of assets in real-time
  • Plug and Produce and other benefits

The solution is prepared for pilot applications including the option of production process simulation (focused on Discrete Manufacturing in branches such as automotive, engineering, plastics, rubber etc.).

Compas will be happy to show and explain our intelligent production to you on our virtual testbed - COMBED. Contact us!

You can find more information including the video example here.


PF2019 COMPAS UNI automatizace robotika

We wish you and your loved ones a pleasant Christmas holiday and a good health in the new year 2020 as well as lots of happiness and personal and professional success. We thank you for your trust and cooperation in 2019.


In 2018, we have started a new activity - the design and delivery of machines, lines and robotic workplaces. Since this activity has met with your huge interest, we have founded a new company Compas robotika, s.r.o. so as to develop it even further and support it with resources from Compas Automatizace spol. s.r.o.

The new COMES WMS concept for warehouse management and internal logistics has passed the audit of Audi auditor's.

The new concept features exceptional customization flexibility for customers' needs and distinguishes from other WMS warehouse management systems by other major innovations such as the integration of production and logistics operations management (together with COMES MOM), which makes it possible to synchronize production and logistics.
Other features include built-in functionality of full Traceability and spare parts storage as for CMMS (COMES Maintenance). COMES users now have the latest state-of-the-art operational control solution - Digital factory, in range from detailed production scheduling (COMES APS) and management (COMES OEE), logistics and computerised maintenance management.

COMES WMS was created for customers of two main types of production, both for discrete production using solid materials (automotive, engineering, etc.) as well as for batch production processes with bulk and liquid materials and its statuses (food and beverages, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, healthcare products, etc.).





Watch our new company profile video. We look forward to your feedback.


Siemens Sinamics S120 drives

COMPAS renewed Siemens Motion & Drives certificate as a part of the periodic renewal of the Siemens certificates. We have complete certification for automation systems projects based on the Siemens TIA platform.




I4.0 line with blue robots and RFIDIn March 2017 we created the new section Industry 4.0, dealing with the current phenomenon of the 4-th Industrial Revolution. It brings technical information about I4.0 and examples of smart factories. The section will be continuously updated with other up-to-date information.

We hope you will be inspired and your suggestions and opinions are welcome.

Come with us to build the smart factories of the future!





We thank our Clients and Partners for cooperation and interesting projects in 2016.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017.

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