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COMPAS automatizace, spol. s r.o was founded in 1990 and gradually became a leading Czech engineering contractor companies for automation of production technologies (technological processes, machines, lines, equipment) and Production Information Systems (MES). In recent years Compas has expanded its construction activities and supplies of machinery and robotics.


COMPAS automatizace undergoes permanent development and has been stable from 1990. The perspective technical solution, economic results and the strong engineering team create the preconditions for long-term business partnerships with production enterprises and important suppliers. Since 1995, COMPAS has been a Siemens Automation Partner and since 2008 is a development partner Microsoft. The company provides a strong professional background which is extremely important when building the conceptual character of automation and production information systems (MES) for important enterprises.

Clients and References

COMPAS Automation specializes in the automotive and engineering and processing industries like food, pharmacy and chemistry. Our customers include major domestic companies as well as international corporations with production facilities in the Czech Republic and the EU, the list of selected references for your industry detailed information is available from the Sales Department of the company.


We offer our own solution for the digitization of production processes, based on the integration of ERP - MES - technology automation with objectives corresponding to the Industry 4.0 vision, or partial solutions in our specialties:
In the field of industrial automation we offer complete solutions for electrical equipment, control systems, sensors and actuators, from analysis through to the project, delivery, installation and commissioning. With dedicated industry partners we also supply complete technological equipment.
In the field of production information systems, we supply the MES / MOM COMES system with full functionality according to ISA S95 / MESA Standards for Scheduling and Managing Production, traceability of production, and Maintenance - more at
In the field of construction and supply of machines, we offer new and existing equipment modifications with the implementation of robots of leading world manufacturers.


  • Studies and consultations on investment and modernization projects in mechanics, robot implementation, manufacturing IT and technology automation, conceptual design of new plants.
  • Mechanical and Electro CAD Projects (NX, EPLAN, AutoCAD)
  • Field instrumentation projects, sensors and actuators, including applications of regulated drives
  • PLC Simatic S7, SCADA WinCC, In Touch, DCS Simatic PCS7, Beckhoff
  • Development of application software for the above mentioned control systems and industrial robots
  • Implementation of MES systems through our own developed system COMES system and system integration
  • Implementation of delivered solutions and systems and supervisory operation
  • Validation for regulated SVP industries


  • Single-purpose machines and equipment, robots (ABB, Stäubli, Kuka, ...)
  • SIEMENS control systems and electrical switchboards
  • Sensors, Field Instruments, Actuators, Drives and Drives (SIEMENS)
  • Assembly work of electrical parts


  • Operational Service for Automation Systems, non-stop Hotline and Service for SIEMENS control systems and COMES MES system


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Our vision

We help you accomplish your business objectives in production. Our solutions bring modern information and control systems that significantly increase the competitiveness of your business.

We propose the timeless concept Compas Digital Factory to our clients.

Our mission

COMPAS automation delivers factory automation and their production information systems. We help our clients plan and control their production processes.

Our values include

  • Satisfying customers’ needs
  • Innovation, cleverness and creativity
  • Continuous growth of quality
  • Respect to people, safety risk prevention
  • Respect to the environment

Main Objectives

  • Complete solution of factory automation and production information systems (MES/MOM systems)
  • High quality of deliveries
  • Use of global standards
  • Professional services


Compas automatizace was founded in 1990 by specialists from the field of industrial automation and with experience with process automation projects in large industrial plants. Until 1994, we mainly focused on export of engineering services. As the investment activities in our region grew, we also started to deliver automated control systems for domestic clients. Today, most of our deliveries are for clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including many clients of leading international companies. However, deliveries to many countries all over the world still represents an important part of the Company’s turnover.

COMPAS is a long-term solution partner of SIEMENS whose Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept and the Simatic brand represent a long-term technical base of the industrial automation solutions we offer. We have a strong engineering capacity for design of SIEMENS control systems and their programming. The current SIEMENS TIA concept, extended by the COMES ® system at the MES level, we propose as one of the most advanced solutions for a computer-organized and controlled production.

COMPAS automatizace is a certified SIEMENS Solution Partner in the field of Simatic, HMI and Simatic PCS7 control systems, Sinamics and Simotion electrical drives and application of  the SIEMENS systems in automation of pharmaceutics. 

Compas uses Microsoft IT technology and is an active member in the Microsoft Partner Network with current competences of the Silver Application Development and Silver Data Platform. 

COMPAS automatizace has gradually created a wide team of specialists in control systems and related software, capable of operatively supporting the implemented applications in the long term. We provide our clients with high availability of their automation and IT systems thanks to the quality of our deliveries together with the hotline and non-stop service support.

Ekonomic Facts

COMPAS was founded on the 1st of May 1990 as an engineering company providing services in the field of control systems. We have gradually expanded our activity and today, our Company is one of the leading suppliers of process automation, electrical equipments, database applications and production IT solutions (MES systems).

COMPAS has delivered thousands of projects in industrial automation and manufacturing execution systems, with a turnover exceeding 100 mio EUR. We continuously aggregate our know-how from implemented projects and improve knowledge of our engineering team, which currently employs 100 people. Our solutions of digitally managed production help companies with planning and operative production control and production flexibility, efficiency and quality.

Detailed economic information is published in the annual reports on the website of the Commercial Register of Companies of the Czech Republic.


Contacts: Compas robotics and Compas automation

Compas robotika, s.r.o., phone: +420 567 567 110
Provozovna Brněnská 1146/30, e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou

Compas automatizace, spol. s r.o. phone: +420 567 567 111
Nádražní 610/26 e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou
Location on the mapGPS Loc: 49°33'36.065"N, 15°56'21.406"E

Czech republic
IČ: 47904585, DIČ: CZ47904585

Slovak republic
DIČ: SK4020181605

Sales department:
Director Sales phone: +420 567 567 200
Pharmaceutics, Chemistry, Cosmetics industries phone: +420 567 567 203, +420 567 567 207
Food and Beverage industries phone: +420 567 567 204, +420 567 567 207
Automotive and Machining industries phone: +420 567 567 305, +420 567 567 210, +420 567 567 306
Rolling Millls phone: +420 567 567 208, +420 567 567 210
Production IT (MES, MDE, BDE) phone: +420 567 567 208, +420 567 567 209, +420 567 567 211
Logistics phone: +420 567 567 250
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Marketing phone: +420 567 567 230
Financial department phone: +420 567 567 240
Project design and software development
Design and construction phone: +420 567 567 300
Automation SW department (PLC, HMI, DCS) phone: +420 567 567 400
Process control SW department (DCS, Batch) phone: +420 567 567 500
Production IT (MES) phone: +420 567 567 600, 700
Quality department, Validation phone: +420 567 567 260
IT department phone: +420 567 567 190


Local office Brno,    Langrova 591/18, 627 00 Brno




+420 567 567 113

Local office Prague, Devonska 1242/8, 152 00  Praha 5





+420 567 567 114


COMPAS automatizace, spol. s r.o. is registered in the Business register of Krajský soud in Brno in section C, chapter 9408

COMPAS delivers automation components SIEMENS in short delivery time. We have stock of components of control systems PLC Simatic S7 family and some old S5 family as well as some related components.

List of the available spare parts please see download in form of Excel document here (Czech version).

Your inquiry with specification of the components to deliver please send to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information please contact us or see our logistics website (only in Czech version) to deliver SIEMENS TIA automation components.